I know how it feels. The frustration. Writer’s block. Not quite knowing how to get there.

Maybe you have a story to tell, but aren’t sure where to begin. Perhaps you’ve written a screenplay or novel but haven’t sold it… yet.

That’s because great, marketable stories have a specific DNA. Typically, you’d have to spend a fortune on tuition or workshops to learn these invisible, beneath the surface, building blocks of great stories with an industry professional, like me. If it doesn’t seem fair, that’s because it’s not. And I’m determined to provide great writers — aspiring and veterans alike — access to the resources you need to succeed. Why? Because on one hand, it frees up my time. (I spend a lot of time every year explaining these principles to writers one-on-one or in my live courses.) And on the other, I believe stories, and storytellers, can change the world. 

You have a voice, and story, that deserves to be heard. Basics of Story Design empowers you to get from FADE IN to FADE OUT… and well on your way to a sale. By popular demand, I’ve also included an Appendix on Documentary Film, to connect the dots and show you how to apply these principles to documentaries. 

Many successful directors and producers work with me to clarify their story, from development, to the final edit, and through the sales and distribution process. Others engage me as a writer for their projects. And some even work with me in unique one-on-one apprenticeship settings, to complete their project.

Next, due to a landslide of requests, we’ll be hard at work creating a special Story Design and Story Hacks course, book, and apprenticeship program to help entrepreneurs find their Core Story, scale their business, build press exposure, and move into a blue ocean. That’s because Story Design™ empowers you to harness the power of great storytelling and elevate your passion and purpose to meet your goals, no matter your medium or space. 

What do you have to lose? Start building your dream today. Your project is worth it. You’re worth it.



SJ Murray
EMMY®-nominated and award-winning screenwriter and producer